Rhythmatiques is a patented Energy Medicine technology based on Rhythmedics, NuTesla’s technology for restoring the body’s natural rhythms and interrupting harmful ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR). Rhythmatiques adds near coherent visible and infrared light energies to the Bio-Pulse emitters used in Rhythmedics alone. Energy Medicine is a reemerging field in healthcare and has gained worldwide recognition for its safety and effectiveness in addressing multiple conditions, including those considered intractable (untreatable). Energy and frequency based therapies were the standard in the United States and throughout Europe until the early part of the 1900’s when financiers of pharmaceutical companies began promoting allopathic medicines.  NuTesla’s Rhythmatiques® products are leading edge energy medicine instruments targeted at this reemerging market.  Rhythmatiques is to allopathic medicine as Einstein’s theory of relativity is to classical Newtonian physics; a completely new way of viewing the body as a system of complex and interrelated frequency based energies. NuTesla’s instruments cover the spectrum from personal to professional care in compact, natural frequency based high-tech energy medicine solutions.  Rising healthcare costs, growing awareness of electromagnetic radiation and pollution, increasing iatrogenic (medical mistake) deaths and concerns over the safety of pharmaceuticals, coupled with increased access to online medical information and an aging population with access to integrative healthcare options is not only allowing, it is encouraging individuals to take control of their health and well-being in unprecedented numbers, and NuTesla is poised to leverage this transition.